Tuesday, August 4, 2009



This is the term of suffering I've given myself. It is easy to poet. To fiction. To essay. To perform even! This. This line after line of what I think. This is like bungee jumping. No. Not at all like bungee jumping because some people actually like to bungee jump. This is like looking over a cliff. A tall, tall, tall, if I fall, I'm dead kinda cliff. Welcome to my fear.

I thought it best to open up with the truth. I am terrified to post my thoughts. The things beneath the flaps of my ribs. A former self sabotaging junkie (often times in rehab) I go on this journey naked (Stretchmarks, boobs, humor, heartache, joy, laughter & broken right pinkie toe included.) Who knows some of you might come along (clothing is optional.)

In every blog after today's (baby steps people) you'll find (outside of my own because I Said So-ness) a "meditated chew on it," for anyone reading, a daily shout out and a random question or statement which beckons no answer.

Bloggophobia: An extreme fear of blogging what the fuck is really going on in your head & heart.