Sunday, March 25, 2012


Dear Cancer,

Murderer. Kiss my ass. I hate you. You are selfish and greedy and sneaky.

An odd way to begin a blog I realize, but this is where I am. And that is the best place to be so that I can clearly see where I am going.

In the last three months or so my family and other people close to me have been dealing with Cancer and other life suffocations. Over the weekend I was taped to the bed with a migraine. I find that when I am post-migraine and in yay I am a human again rest mode—I usually take a listen a bit more closely at what the universe wants me to hear. I heard the word release and I was like, “Get outa here universe!” But I get it. So I’ve begun a series of letters. Writing to objects, feelings, people, diseases etc. Of course these are not letters that can be mailed—and I can’t just walk over to Cancers house and deliver it
but it feels emotionally beneficial to get the words and feelings out in the open and on the page.

Dear Hair,

I really love you no matter what you look like, but today, I desperately want to shave you off and sweep up the all the tiny pieces in a neat pile.

I found that while I’ve been writing these miniscule and novel length letters—I’m breathing more deeply. As much as I deem myself as a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is/was/will/be/ kind of woman, honestly I still hold a lot in. And the “in” it goes probably isn’t healthy. Maybe you are so far evolved that you’ve been using this technique all along. Kudos and why didn’t you tell me? Or maybe…you might try it this week. 

Dear George Zimmerman,


…you get the point. Thinking of you from across the seas and from the future,