Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Please Don't Wait!!

And so it begins this New Year like a new tune I haven’t heard before. Like a book whose pages outnumber my minds capacity, whose pages make me want to skip ahead and see what’s next. (Perhaps a chapter about coming back to the states for the summer??)

Be mindful. This is what I keep telling myself. Mindful of what I am thinking. Mindful of what I am doing. For instance: I am trying to focus on the fact that I am typing this blog, not what’s for dinner, not who has what extracurricular activities this afternoon and what CNN.com says is going on in the world—and entertainment section. Be mindful that I am typing my heart out to whoever will read it. Be mindful. And I am…my mind is full of countless thoughts. Focus. I tell myself to focus on the purpose of this month’s blog. Pre-funeral expressions of love.

In light of all the recent celebrity deaths I want to remind/reiterate the idea of loving on folks WHILE THEY ARE LIVING. Eulogies are lovely life dedications. Everyone gets to express their sincerest emotions about a person they liked/loved who has transitioned. I think to myself, what would the world be like if humans did this whole eulogizing/outpouring of expression while we were alive. Simple things. Nothing extravagant. Just a second or two to express gratitude to the people in your life that mean the most to you. And isn’t it better to reach out to your ____________________ or _____________________while he/she is still very alive and tell her/him at least two things you love about them?

I want to dispel the “he/she already knows how I feel about them” myth right now. Perhaps she does. Perhaps he doesn’t. A re-run of love is a thousand times better than emotions never aired. Do it. Be mindful of your heart. I double-dog dare you.

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faith said...

I am all about being mindful...and PRESENT...in each and every moment. I love you...for your gorgeousness that spills out all over the place from the first step into any space...I love you with my soul...in a supadupadeepness...that giggles at the thought of being in a room with you...I love for lots of reasons. You are cherished...and missed...but because of the love...you seem much closer...and I am hugging you...right now...right here...and loving all over you. xoxooxox,faithy